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31 Days of Haloween: Day 1 Unfriended (2015) Review *spoilers*

Unfriended, by all means, was a commercial success. It took $1 million to make and grossed $64 million at the box office. The movie was simple, it used about six actors and had a computer screen as the viewing platform. This is a refreshing visual take on a found footage movie. However, that's where being refreshing atmosphere ends. If I had to describe this movie in one word; it would be "cliche". Oh dear, was this movie cliched, even for my taste. I understand B horror and I appreciate it, but Unfriended made me cringe. What's more baffling, is all the praise it seems to be receiving. I understand this is a new way of doing things, but painting a Geo Metro red doesn't make it more reliable.
what have I done....?
The plot is simple in design. A group of high schoolers are being punished by the spirit of a recently deceased girl whom they cyber-bullied into suicide. Each one of the teens will be brutally punished  for their hand in her death. I'm fine with simple plots. Movies of a higher caliber have been made with less. However, this idea isn't something new. Flatliners, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Insidious; all were very entertaining movies borrowing the same idea and yet much better. The problem is not the story, but the acting and the writing.

lets play a game? really!!!!?!

By far, the biggest weakness in this movie is the actors. The cast is like someone took the MTV studio and grabbed the first six teenagers walking out. Everyone of these kids was more vapid and lifeless than the last. When watching a horror movie, you want to have at least one person live. To be honest, I didn't like any of them enough to care if they got murdered. They were all awful people. I especially hated the one kid who was a generic obese, stoned, computer whiz. He didn't say or do one likable thing in the movie and when he met his end (via blender) I can't say I was upset. I may have felt some small connection to the lead girl. However, that might be because there isn't any character development except for her the whole movie. Each kid was written in quick cliched fashion. Why am I caring about their problems when I'm not caring about them? Certainly the violence helped make the movie exciting...right?

well...we can only go up from here guys

Nope, the deaths are mediocre at best. I get that horror doesn't have to be violent. The Others is an amazing example of how suspense and the unknown will scare the hell out of an audience. This movie fell short in trying to do either. When someone was about to die, a timer would start. Then once the timer hit zero, the screen would glitch and "OH NO!" someone got killed in amazingly grainy quality. The first death, you don't even happen. This was 45 minutes into the movie! Come on give me something exciting for watching this crap for this long. The rest die in mediocre fashion like, blender to the face, knife to the face, bullet to the face, and hair straightener... to the face. Also, I wasn't shocked by any of the deaths. I saw all of them coming (I admit it, the hair straightener was surprising) especially the blender which was in the trailer. The movie also wasn't very scary. It was actually very boring for a horror. The definitive scary scene was the end of the movie. The last person left is the protagonist viewing the computer screen we are watching. A countdown happens, and then hands grab the screen and shut it. Now, everything is dark and silent for 5 seconds and then the face! I admit that being in a dark room watching this movie on a computer, kind of made me jarred.

Unfriended gets praises from a lot of people because of its innovation and creation. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but I feel like this movie is average. The only thing setting this movie apart was the perspective in which it was filmed. This movie is no different from the other exploitation films of our time like the Saw series or the Paranormal Activity series. The only difference between this movie and the others is that they were scarier than this. If you like realy terrible b movies, then this is one to watch. For others looking for good scares and a good time, look else where. I give Unfriended three screaming teenagers out of ten.

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Thoughts on Marvel 1602 Trade Paperback

When Neil Gaiman came up with the idea of Marvel 1602, it was shortly after the events on 9/11. Gaiman did not want to make a story that involved guns or war, he figured there would be enough of that already. Instead he made a comic that takes place in a different time. I think he felt this would take people out of that takes that mindset. Marvel 1602 has the benefit of being one of the most engaging retellings of heroes I have ever read. The idea of Daredevil, Nick Fury, and Spider-Man in the 1600's is a fascinating premise. I honestly could not put the book down.

Cover art is amazing by the way

I don't want to give any of the story away, but it does have a great plot. Doom is involved, so you know the world is probably ending which is pretty usual for a Marvel short series. however, there will be many inferences and interpretations making it stand out. There will be many twists which keep the story fresh, but the real strength is the writing. Neil Gaiman is best known for his work on The Sandman, but he has helped to write many essential stories for Marvel and DC. There are a lot of provocative ideas like having mutants be branded as "witch breed" and being burned by the Inquisition. Thor comes into the story which this brings up a question of too about the strength of the Catholic Church. Instead of being planted in our time and our problems, it deals with issues of the time. The message, however, is something to take away. All the characters in the story have to sacrifice a lot to save the world. There are many things that will happen that are plan awful. While this is true, it shows that even the most noble of efforts are the hardest to attain.

The use of the Marvel characters is profound. I love seeing them in the 1602's interpretation. Daredevil is a blind bard who is also a very skilled agent of Fury's. The Fantastic Four were a group of explorers headed to the new world when they were hit with a mystical force making them the embodiments of earth, air, water, and fire. The X-Men are "witch breed' and like their future counterparts, they are shunned for their appearance and abilities. It's nice to see how everything translates. There will be many times you find a name you recognize and smile when you make the connection. This is why multiverse books are so great. As a reader, you get the same characters you love; they just get a new perspective.

Marvel 1602 is a rich and imaginative universe to read about. While Neil Gaiman only wrote this series, there are plenty of other spin-offs like Marvel 1602: The New World and Marvel 1602 Witch Hunter Angela. The universe is ripe with intrigue and even though Gaiman leaves many new things unfinished on that last panel, hopefully a spin-off series will give more answers to those questions. With that said, this book is an amazing read if you love comics and you appreciate history. Check out Marvel 1602, it will be worth the afternoon you read it in. I give it eight ships headed to the new world out of ten.

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The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) *spoilers*

It's amazing how far special effects have come. Hard to believe a time where producers looked at a script and said, "Excellent idea, but we have no way of doing this". Today, if there is something impossible to be made, it it's done with CGI. Anamatronics. miniatures, perspective, over exposure and a good costume are used out of aesthetic and not practicality. When movies like The 7th Voyage of Sinbad came out; they didn't have CGI. Luckily, a man by the name of Ray Harryhausen had a unique claymation style known as "dyanamation" which made him a must have for any scifi or fantasy movie. He made the impossible possible and worked on like films Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans. However, competing with movies today; does "dynamation" stand a chance against modern day effects?

This looks interesting
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad is about a sailor and his crew. They happen upon and island where a man is being chased by a monster. After rescuing him, Sinbad finds out he is Sokura; a powerful magician. They bring him back with them to Baghdad to meet the Caliph. Sokura requests a crew to go back to the island and gain the treasures he lost there. Sinbad and the Caliph both agree that such a mission would be too dangerous and denied Sokura's request. As an act of retribution, the magician comes into princess Parisa's room and shrinks her down to the size of a mouse. When she is found in that state, Sinbad implores the help of Sokura, The magician explains that she can only be transformed back if they get the egg shell from a giant mythical bird known as a roc found on the island he came from. Sinbad agrees and gets a rag tag crew together for a mission back to Collossa. Unfortunately, this trip will be more difficult than Sinbad realizes. Sokura has alterior motives and with an untrustworthy crew; Sinbad has his work cut out for him.

The reason this movie is to be watched is for the claymation monsters. The plot isn't excellent but it offers great set up for the effects. There are engaging fights between people and monsters alike. There is an especially excellent scene were a dragon and cyclops battle to the death. Harryhausen was a genius and it's wonderful to see he gets so much recognition. It took him 11 months to film the movie and some scenes that take moments took up to 3 weeks to animated. It's this dedication which makes watching a movie like this worth it. The cyclops, the dragon, the snake woman, and the roc are all animated very well. There is also a great fight with Sinbad and a skeleton which was so popular, Harryhausen did it again in Jason and the Argonauts. While claymation is big in this movie, the other part to "dynamation" is superimposing the foreground into the back ground shot making the scene look seamless. There are scenes where Princess Parisa is small and the set is made gigantic to accommodate the perspective. Dedication like this is what put the movie in the National Film Registry based on the film being "culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant" in 2008.

Cyclops Ray Harryhausen animated GIF
This is not a movie for everyone. The effects look great and do stand up to even monder effects, but we have come too far for main stream to find this enjoyable. There is a time and a place for these effects, but with movies like Avatar and Peter Jackson's King Kong do everything that Harryhausen did, but they look much more realistic. With that said, this movie still holds it's own. Movie goers of all ages can enjoy this classic if they are willing to give it a chance. Overall, the story is simple yet engaging and keeps the audience interested.  It's movies like this that keep film history exciting and wonderful. Personally, I would watch this movie again right now if I didn't have a thousand more to watch. I give The 7th Voyage of Sinbad eight magic lamps out of ten. If you have never seen and consider yourself a movie buff, then give this one a watch immediately. I doubt you will be disappointed.

Trippy Rip animated GIF
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Swamp Thing (1982) Review *spoilers*

Wes Craven passed away recently and it is a shame to say goodbye to the Master of Nightmares. He was famous for many movies like Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, and the Scream franchise. Of course, his most well known work was Nightmare on Elm Street which birthed one of horror's most frightening characters, Freddy Kruger.  However, not every movie Craven did was specifically horror. He directed a movie known as Music of the Heart which got Meryl Streep an Oscar nomination for best actress. While Swamp Thing isn't as far out as Music of the Heart, It still stepped outside of Craven's comfort zone. This movie is more towards the scifi and action genres, but is it one of his stronger films?

For the last time! I'm not Toxic Avenger
The story is about a scientist by the name of Alec Holland (Ray Wise) who is working on a formula to splice plants with animal DNA. The idea is to help plants survive in harsh environments and, hopefully, make food more available. However, a man by the name of Anton Arcane (Louis Jourdan) wants to use the formula in order to give himself eternal life. While Holland is working, Arcane sends his men to get the formula and scientific journals. Unfortunately, while the lab is getting ransacked, Alec is set ablaze from his formula and runs into the swamp in order to stop the flames. When he jumps into the water; a transformation occurs. Holland's DNA is mixed with the plant life around him changing him into the plant behemoth known as Swamp Thing. Arcane has all he needs except for one last journal, which holds the key to the formula's creation. Luckily, Alice Cable (Adrienne Barbeau) was able to stow away the last journal. Arcane finds out and proceeds to have his men hunt her down. Cable is in for some trouble, but Swamp Thing will stop at nothing to protect her. Will Cable survive? Will Arcane get what he wants? Will Holland be able to turn himself back into a human? Well you'll need to watch the movie to find out.

This movie's biggest strength is the action. There are many times where Swamp Thing will take on a hoard of bad guys and come out unscathed. He is seen punching boats out of the water, stopping trucks with his body, and taking bullets while running head long into the enemy. The movie may lack excellent story telling, but it did what comic based movies were doing at the time; focusing on the action. This was before the time of Marvel Studios and Christopher Nolan's Batman. Superhero movies weren't what they are now and the only one that truly stood out were Donner's Superman movies. With that said, Swamp Thing had the advantage of being a rather obscure comic book character which probably helped him in the long run. It also didn't hurt that Swamp Thing's creator, Len Wein, helped co write the script with Craven to make it feel more comic based.

My spot bro!
Ray Wise was an excellent choice as Alec Holland and even though he isn't in the movie for more than 10 minutes; his character is easy to like. It's his charismatic nature that really makes you invested in the character. Louis Jourdan is a very good villain. His looks, his mannerisms, and accent scream villain. Adrienne Barbeau as Cable was a good choice, but unfortunately they made her too weak. Barbeau went from beating up bad guys to consistently stumbling while trying to run away. An argument can be made that the swamp is treacherous which is why she falls a lot. I can abide by that since it happens way too often to be accidental. Swamp Thing always manages to come to the rescue, which is good, but it undermined her feministic and strong character. Eventually, Arcane captures out hero.  First thing he does is put cable is put her in a dress with a lot of cleavage and over sexualize her. I get it, Adrienne Barbeau had big boobs and movies she was in focused on that, but it does take away from a otherwise decent movie.

Sir! My eyes are up here.
Even thought the action is great and the characters are well thought out, there are problems in the special effects department. Anton Arcane's character will eventually transform into a monster, but it looks like the Creature of the Black Lagoon with a wolf head. I don't understand the choice of costume. Holland makes a point to say that the potion amplifies the strongest parts of you. I still don't understand Arcane's transformation into monster mashup. It feels like they scanned a costume warehouse and found the two closest things they could and said. "That's the monster we've been looking for!" There is also a part where Swamp Thing's arm gets cut off and later it grows back, but it looks like someone was pushing a piece of paper mache out of a garbage bag. This movie was made in 1982, the same year John Carpenter came out with The Thing. That movie, by far, had some of the best special effects of the 80's and all scifi movies of the time should've looked like that. I do understand that this budget was a fifth of Carpenter's, but still Swamp Thing looks like a guy in a rubber suit with roots glued on. If someone wasn't paying attention, one could certainly mistake watching Swamp Thing for someone watching Toxic Avenger. The only effect I found exeptional was when Arcane's henchman, Bruno, transforms and his skin starts to bubble and explode. That was a quality effect.

Wes Craven did a lot of good things for the horror franchise, but Swamp Thing wasn't as a blessed. This is a guilty pleasure more than Oscar bait and should be watched as such. This was a time before Alan Moore took the reins of writing Swamp Thing and before the character became main stream. This movie actually relaunched interest in the character and a new comic strip was started after the movie. This also got a sequel seven years later called The Return of Swamp Thing. There were also two TV series: a cartoon and live action. Wes Craven may have had an alright movie, but he helped Swamp Thing become more well known and comic fans should be grateful.

Holy 90's Batman
Mr. Craven, we will miss you. Thank you for all your movies and you'll never be forgotten. As for Swamp Thing, not the worst and not the best. It gets away with falling into the category of so mediocre it's enjoyable.  I give Swamp Thing four punched fan boats out of ten. Have a good day and please check back for more reviews.

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Focus (2015) Review *spoilers*

Every movie will meet its judge who decides whether it falls into film obscurity or is able to join its place in the stars with other great films. Now, Focus is a movie that will sadly fall into obscurity, but it has its place in the here and now. Margot Robbie is hotter than the face of the sun after the success of The Wolf of Wall Street and Will Smith has stepped back into the warm glow of the lime light letting his kids ride the bench. The movie does not offer anything new to the crime or suspense genres, but it borrows good things from them and portrays them with gusto. However, is this movie truly worth the watch or should it be passed by in favor of something of else?

Check out Harley and Deadshot in

The story is about a confidence man by the name of Nicky (Smith) who is amazing at what he does and cocky to boot. With that said, an up and coming con artist, Jess (Robbie), wants to learn from Nicky; he reluctantly takes her under his tutelage. Jess becomes rather skilled at the trade and eventually becomes Nicky's lover. When the job is over, Nicky abandons Jess so as not get too soft and fall in love which makes him lose focus. The tag line for the movie is "Never drop the con" and when you lose focus, that's what happens. Years later while Nicky is working on another grift, he encounters Jess who is romantically involved with his client. Is it by chance that Jess is suddenly back in Nicky's life or is there something more to it? Guess you'll have to watch and find out.

He's gonna play me like I have to see the movie
There are plenty of reasons to see this movie, but the best is simply to see the chemistry between Smith and Robbie. With the filming of Suicide Squad going on it's pretty great to see Robbie and Smith have pretty great report. For Robbie, I see nothing but great things in her future. For Smith, this just shows that he still has a lot more to offer to the world of cinema.

The plot of the movie is rather borrowed with many double and triple crosses occurring which will keep you guessing and surprised. There were several points in the movie where I was generally shocked with the outcome of certain events. I actually felt silly when I was taking notes because I saw how little credit I was giving this movie. With minimal expectations, this movie is Nolan mixed with Scorsese and a sprinkle of early Shyamalan to add some zest. However, I can see why this did so poor in theaters when many people were looking for the best but found it average. This isn't a bad movie for director's Glenn Ficarra and John Requa to have in their repertoire because it does a lot right, but will leave you wanting.

The most interesting thing in the movie is how Smith's character explains how to steal correctly and the science behind why he does certain things. He explains a lot of it as tricking the brain into feeling something incorrectly or making it want something that it doesn't know it wants. Case in point is a fabulous scene that involves BD Wong where you think Smith is completely screwed, but then everything works out in his favor. The explanations are amazing, Ficarra and Requa certainly did there research. Con men and thieves are very smart at what they do and when you see it unfold you'll sit there and think "That's actually brilliant". There are also scenes where the camera will go out of focus. This will represent Smith losing his "focus" on the task at hand. Elaborate explanations and interesting cinematography an amazing movie does not make, but it really keeps you interested.

There are of course problems, mainly that the middle act tends to drag on. Everything will pick back up but it takes over a half an hour to get there. Also, even though the double crosses are very good, there are so many that you expect the shocks and it becomes a matter of quantity over quality. With that said, the beginning will rope you in and the end will reel you back in for more. This isn't a movie that you should skip. It may not stand the test of time, but for right now this movie will keep you interested. I wouldn't buy the movie, but I would rent it and use it for a movie night. Focus has something for everyone with its romance, its comedy, and its suspense. I would find anyone hard pressed to not like at least one thing about the movie. My motto for movies is: if there's one good thing about a movie, then the time was well spent. I give Focus; seven picked pockets out of ten. Please come back for more reviews.

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Terminator Retrospective Part 1 (Terminator, 1984) *spoilers*

Everyone knows about The Terminator, there isn't a person who doesn't say "I'll be back" or "Hasta la vista, baby". The Terminator has spawned three sequels, several comic spin offs, and a tv series. Almost thirty years later, Terminator Genysis is out in theaters showing that people can still be psyched about robotic assassins. With the new sequels release, I wanted review all the previous films before I seeing this one because I'm that kind of guy. Let's start off with my favorite.

Sick title screen bro

The Terminator, is about two beings coming from the distant future of 2029 to the present 1984. One is a man named Kyle Reese who was sent to protect a woman named Sarah Connor. The other, is an unstoppable machine covered in living human flesh called a Terminator. The Terminator was sent by Skynet (The machine empire of the future) to kill Sarah Connor in order to stop her future son, John Connor, from ever being born and beating the machines. Reese explains that Sarah taught John everything he knew about surviving in the future. Sarah is apprehensive because she truly believes she isn't a strong person. Over the course of the film, Reese and Sarah will attempt to battle the Terminator with minor successes. Eventually, it comes to a showdown in a factory where Reese and Sarah are finally able to destroy the Terminator in a hydrolic press. Unfortunately, Reese dies but he left Sarah with knowledge of the future and pregnant with his child. Sarah, now stronger than when she started, starts making audio tapes in order to alert her son of the dangers of the future and goes off on her mission to save the world of tomorrow.

This movie really is quite excellent and was a great starting point for James Cameron. The Terminator was Cameron's first big budget project and allowed him to make the inevitable sequel, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, as well as other famous movies such as Aliens, Titanic, and Avatar. Cameron says he came up with the idea of this movie while being very sick in Rome. He said that being in a foreign environment made him think about a person out of time and trying to assimilate. Later, Cameron would come up with imagery and a forty-five page script. With the help of Stan Winston, one of the greatest special effects creators of the time, was able to make the Terminator believable and make the film iconic. Cameron actual had the idea of sending two terminators in the first movie with one being made of liquid metal. However, the special effects for the 80's would not have allowed for it. I find it amazing how many ideas he was able to come up with at one time. I also like how both Cameron and Schwarzenegger waited for the right time to do a sequel instead of rushing it.

The acting in the movie really is something. Obviously, some acting is better than others but this is a B movie that with a large fan base became a huge success. Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually supposed to read for the part of Kyle Reese since the Terminator was just supposed to look like a generic guy who could blend into the crowd. Arnold actually fell in love with the idea of being a cool villain and asked his agent to make him the Terminator. James Cameron thought the same thing and enticed Arnold with a picture of him as the Terminator. Arnold would play the part extremely well. In the movie you can see him look around having his eyes move first and his head follow suit. When he would kill, his arms would efficiently and with purpose like a machine selling the fact that he was a killing machine. Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese was a perfect casting choice. He almost didn't get the part because in the try out he had a southern accent. When they asked his agent about it, he said Biehn was at a reading for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and still hadn't shaken the accent. He was extremely believable as a man out of time. Nothing he does is without purpose and he sticks to his mission of protecting Sarah knowing that he is the only one who can protect her. Finally, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor will always be an excellent casting choice. Sarah isn't the strongest character at the start, but by the end everyone knows she is humanities hope. It's really funny to see other actors who took smaller parts in the film like Lance Henrickson, Bill Paxton, Dick Miller, and Brian Thompson.

So 80's it's painful
As I've said, Stan Winston is the king of special effects and for the time the effects look really good. Obviously, some of the effects look dated but most of the smaller effects hold up very well. The part where the Terminator cuts open his wrist to inspect his hand mechanisms still looks realistic. The bigger effects where the terminator is moving as the metal skeleton look good but stop motion doesn't translate well nowadays. Honestly, I'm the biggest fan of practical effects and this movie looks better than most cgi currently. Practical effects are an art form that should never fade from movies.

Looks like Jason and the Argonauts lol

The story is the main draw for the movie. It is such an innovative idea with not only a robot but the use of time travel. Before this movie, I don't know how many had this idea but I don't think it was too many. The only real flaw is; if Kyle Reese is the father of John Connor and John Connor sends him to save his father, where did the first John Connor come from? I'm sure someone will correct me but I'm always open to hearing how time paradoxes work. Regardless, The Terminator had one of the most original ideas of the time.

So, overall is this a great movie and worth watching? Absolutely! in fact, if you have planned on seeing the new Terminator and have never seen a Terminator movie then this is the one to see. This movie will have the most relevance to seeing Terminator Genysis since it happens at the same time as the first movie. This movie does a lot right and while most will say Terminator 2: Judgement Day is superior, I find the first movie the best. With that said, I give The Terminator nine time traveling cyborg assassins out of ten. The Terminator has a huge impact on pop culture and everyone should give it a watch.

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Insidious Chapter 3

Over the past ten years, horror movies have fallen into a rutt. Instead of coming out with new and innovative ideas; old ideas are rehashed and given a new coat of paint. If these are somewhat successful then a slew of sequels are soon to follow with less story and more cheap thrills. So far, the only horror movies I've loved recently were Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2. I thought that they were scary and had a very interesting mythos. The ideas were fresh and, honestly,  I've never been so scared and exited in a long time. With all that said, I was really looking forward to Insidious: Chapter 3 but, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

She just shit a brick
For anyone who hasn't seen the two previous films (or just avoid horror movies like the plague). Insidious is about a family whose son's soul is captured by a demon and with the help of a psychic, paranormal investigators, and the boy's father; save his life. The sequel has to do with the aftermath of events in the first movie and ends with a very open and exciting ending for a sequel. Insidious: Chapter 2 ends with the psychic and her two companions going to a house and finding out the demon from the first movie is up to it's old ways and has found a new victim. I was excited for this sequel because I thought I was seeing the continuation from chapter 2, but instead got a less scary and sort of boring prequel.

Join the Dark Side

Now, I don't hate what they did with this movie because I like getting back ground on characters I like that. Elise, the psychic from the first two movies, is back and we learn more about her.  Specs and Tucker's relationship with Elise also gets further explained which is nice to know. Luckily, the returning characters are all played by the original actors which is wonderful. The main problem was with this one was the story.

The movie is about a girl named Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) who goes to see Elise (Lin Shaye) saying that her mother has died and she needs to contact her. Elise explains that she can't use her gift because something (someone) is preventing her from using her abilities. Elise explains that trying to contact her mother isn't a safe thing and she shouldn't try. Heartbroken, Quinn goes home and does exactly what she isn't supposed to an calls out to her mom. Unfortunately, something answers. Events happen in the movie, and Quinn is left with two broken legs and is confined to her bed. This of course make her an easy target for this being who wants her, body and soul. Her father (Dermot Mulroney) gets in contact with Elise to enlist her helping saving his daughter from this peril.

This movie felt like the Halloween 3 of the Insidious franchise, even if it wasn't a huge departure from the previous films. The scares in the movie are genuinely terrifying, but they felt to few and far between. The creature that is haunting her is not as scary as one would hope once it is finally shown. The demon from the first movie I felt was a more impressive (even though many say he looked like Darth Maul). The acting and story felt very out of place and the newer cast felt like they were out of there own skin. The only thing that makes this movie worth watching is the lore. Many things that left you puzzled from the previous movies are explained here. This is nice, but why make a whole movie based on minor things that could be explained in flash backs? Easy; to make more money. Regardless, this is not a movie without it's moments but the fear and excitement I experienced from the previous films is long gone. I'll probably purchase this movie to add to my collection solely for the name Insidious. This isn't to say that I won't be anticipating  the inevitable chapter 4 where hopefully I will see my Darth Maul demon again. I give Insidious Chapter 3 four jump scares out of ten. Remember kids, never use a ouji board because contacting spirits isn't for children though Milton Bradly would have you think so.

Ouji boards are fun kids. Look at the results